Monday, May 18, 2020

Podcast: Was open source inevitable (Part 2)


In this four-part miniseries within the Innovate @Open podcast, we explore the alternative histories of open source software through the voices of many of the people who lived through its rise. The central question is “Was open source inevitable?” Not necessarily in the particulars but in the macro.

In this second episode, we consider whether some of the foundational elements of modern open source were inevitable. Unix is intertwined with the history of open source, including but not limited to Linux. Did something like it have to come about? And what about Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation? Would things have played out differently absent this political dimension of free software? Finally, what of the role of copyright law and licenses more broadly.

On this episode, we're joined by the following guests:
  • William Henry, Red Hat
  • Mike Bursell, Red Hat
  • Dave Neary, Red Hat
  • Richard Fontana, Red Hat
  • Luis Villa, Tidelift
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Note: This podcast references the University of Washington license for Sendmail. Sendmail uses the Sendmail license written at the University of Washington.

Listen to the podcast (MP3 - 31:40)

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