Thursday, July 21, 2011

Links for 07-21-2011

  • HP’s Tortured WebOS Positioning | Monday Note - "The reality is simpler — and harder: HP decided to enter the smartphone/tablet fray. It thus competes with Android and iOS. The consumerization of IT renders the “enterprise-only” pivot null and void. In this new world, Google and Apple wage an ecosystem war: devices + apps + distribution. Add marketing, if you want, but Word Of Mouth is still more potent than ad dollars. Or merely reinforces it."
  • TidBITS Networking: The Future is Disposable - "But that world is coming to an end. In the future our digital lives won’t be defined by and centered on our devices, but on our information itself. Everything from our data to our applications will be portable, accessible, and persistent. Our devices, including our computers, will become disposable. Their value becomes nothing more than the cost of the hardware, and we will never fear physical loss or failure."
  • Today's real life is yesterday's science fiction. : raldi
  • Why Not Tumblr - "Tumblr treats content more like a social network does than a writing/publishing/archiving tool should—with an emphasis on easy sharing and reblogging, but not enough care paid to hosting that content in a place where ideas and conversations can live and grow over time, a place where search engines of the future can find it."