Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Changes are afoot

Things have been quiet around here especially since I shut down my latest podcast so didn't need this site to post transcripts any longer. I also toyed a bit pre-pandemic with setting up an explicitly travel, food, and experiences site. That didn't end up quite coming together and then the pandemic hit. I also had other outlets for my professional writing that took precedence.

But time has passed and various events have happened. So here we are.

The first is that I have a new (mostly) professional/business web site that will be focused on matters open source, platforms, and other topics of a tech nature that capture my fancy. That's not to say it will be all deadly serious and sober but it will be mostly focused on providing tech events/trends analysis and commentary.  

At the same time, I'm spinning this site back up to provide more of an ongoing stream of personal commentary whether it's travel or ephemera that may be tech adjacent.

We'll see how it goes.