Monday, June 01, 2020

Podcast: Was open source inevitable? (Part 4)


In this four-part miniseries within the Innovate @Open podcast, we explore the alternative histories of open source software through the voices of many of the people who lived through its rise.

In this fourth and final episode, we consider our last counterfactual: Was open source mainstream commercialization inevitable and what role did the IBM turn-of-the-century investment in Linux make to the ultimate trajectory of Linux and open source? Was that investment even a sure thing? We then wrap up the series by thinking about where open source is today. Has it really won? What are the challenges ahead? What should we be cautious about taking for granted?

On this episode, we're joined by the following guests:
  • Irving Wladawsky-Berger, formerly led IBM internet then Linux strategy
  • Chris Aniszczyk, Linux Foundation
  • Matt Asay, AWS
  • Dave Neary, Red Hat
  • Steven Vaughn-Nichols, CBS Interactive
  • Diane Mueller, Red Hat
  • Bryan Cantrill, Oxide Computer
  • Mike Bursell, Red Hat
  • Rob Hirschfeld, RackN
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