Monday, May 09, 2016

Interop 2016: The New Distributed Application Infrastructure

The platform for developing and running modern workloads has changed. This new platform brings together the open source innovation being driven in containers and container packaging, in distributed resource management and orchestration, and in DevOps toolchains and processes to deploy infrastructure and management optimized for the new class of distributed application that is becoming the norm.

In this session, Red Hat's Gordon Haff discuses the key trends coming together to change IT infrastructure and the applications that will run on it. These include:

  • Container-based platforms designed for modern application development and deployment 
  • The ability to design microservices-based applications using modular and reusable parts 
  • The orchestration of distributed components 
  • Data integration with mobile and Internet-of-Things services 
  • Iterative development, testing, and deployment using Platform-as-a-Service and integrated continuous delivery systems

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