Thursday, February 15, 2007

Professional Bloggers as Symbiotic Parasites

From Table of Malcontents over at Wired:
It's an odd dichotomy: amateur bloggers are the ones who produce the vast majority of original content on the Internet. Professional bloggers, on the other hand, serve as a human filter for the internet according to a subject and their own passions, because (and here's the rub) pro blogging only pays in volume.

This strikes me as a very perceptive comment. I'm sure one can come up with plenty of corner cases where it doesn't quite hold true. However, it's pretty clear that the true "pro blogger" sites are very much about cadence and volume (of both posts and readers)--traits which, almost by definition, pretty much rule out a lot of carefully-written, thoughtful original content.

Great graphic too from mental floss for Visualizing the Blog "Echo Chamber."

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