Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Postings to Blogger

The tool that can automatically generate daily posts from your tags doesn't seem to work with blogger. The following javascript will generate HTML for your last 20 non-private bookmarks saved to that have content in the notes field. (I look for a non-empty notes field because it allows me to save miscellaneous other bookmarks which I don't want to post about for whatever reason, without having to remember to make them private.) Put the javascript in a file, open it with your browser, look at the generated source (I use the Firefox Web Developer plugin), and you can then easily cut and paste the last however many bookmarks into a post.

While this isn't an automated process, I may actually prefer being able to control when and what I post--and the procedure is faster to do once you've done it a couple of times than to read about.

(Just put in your own username. There are some commented out date functions because this script could also be written to just return today's bookmarks, but I decided that wasn't the best fit with a manual posting approach.)


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Anonymous said...

Duh! Of course' blog tool isn't going to work with Blogger. is owned by Yahoo. Blogger is owned by Google. They're fierce competitors. They have no reason to make it easy for you to work with the other.