Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Links for 01-17-2012

  • Goodnight, Television? | Techland | TIME.com - "We’re still some distance from a world where online streaming of content can truly challenge the dominance of television, but recent figures suggest that the number of households in the U.S. with at least one television actually fell in 2011. Are we finally seeing the long-awaited beginning of “cord-cutting”? And if so, what are people cutting their cords in favor of?"
  • Kodak and the Brutal Difficulty of Transformation - Scott Anthony - Harvard Business Review - "Kodak's struggles show how brutally hard it is to get transformation right. The company took aggressive action, became a viable player in the emerging disruptive space, invested in new growth businesses, but it just doesn't seem like it was enough."
  • Tech Industry Buys Itself a Mouthpiece - "How did Silicon Valleys bigwigs react when their favorite trade publication adopted strict new conflicts of interest policies? They banded together to pay someone else to cover them." << Ouch! (Though, however snarky, I don't really disagree.)
  • No Demand for Windows 8 Tablets? Or Don't Trust Predictive Surveys CIO.com - I agree with Rob here. No one really knows. My biggest question here is how many of the relevant players focus sufficiently on usage models--i.e. really understand and account for differences between tablets and PCs.
  • Twitter - Cool look at unit numbers in personal computing history

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