Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Podcast: Martin Mao of Chronosphere talks open sourcing internal projects

Chronosphere provides a monitoring platform, built on M3, for large-scale environments. Martin-Mao is the co-founder and CEO. In this podcast, he talks about the journey of taking M3 from an internal Uber project to a product offered by an independent company, Chronosphere. What do you do when a project outgrows its original role as an internal company project written for its own purposes?

He discusses topics such as:
  • Why it can be important to start in open source from the beginning
  • How to ramp up contributors outside of the core team
  • Aligning business goals of those governing the project with the goals of the community
  • The challenges of open sourcing an internal project.
Listen to the podcast [MP3 - 12:14]

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