Thursday, October 08, 2015

Containers: Don't Skeu Them Up (LinuxCon Europe 2015)

Skeuomorphism usually means retaining existing design cues in something new that doesn't actually need them. But the basic idea is far broader. For example, containers aren't legacy virtualization with a new spin. They're part and parcel of a new platform for cloud apps including containerized operating systems like Project Atomic, container packaging systems like Docker, container orchestration like Kubernetes and Mesos, DevOps continuous integration and deployment practices, microservices architectures, "cattle" workloads, software-defined everything, management across hybrid infrastructures, and pervasive open source.

This session discusses how containers can be most effectively deployed together with these new technologies and approaches -- including the resource management of large clusters with diverse workloads -- rather than mimicking legacy sever virtualization workflows and architectures.

This version of the presentation is significantly reworked from earlier. It excises much of the container background while adding discussion on microservices alternatives and services orchestration.

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