Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Stop data silos

Apropos of the post I put up earlier today, this sponsored post on GigaOm notes that:

Data silos and integration challenges, more than security, are the biggest barriers to cloud adoption. Siloed data in cloud apps and data centers is costing companies millions annually due to inconsistency, inaccuracy and inefficiency across the business. And the enterprise software market is crossing the threshold of another transformation, now that cloud computing has shifted the center of gravity for data.

The MIT Media Lab's Sandy Pentland noted something similar at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium a few weeks back when he said that "About 20% of big data is getting the data out of the silos and transforming it." 

That's why at Red Hat we're so interested in the idea of open hybrid cloud--which includes open hybrid storage. (Starting with Red Hat Storage based on GlusterFS.) This isn't to minimize the important, and really difficult, role of organizational change in breaking down the silos. But there's at least technology available to help break down silos rather than aid in their creation.

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