Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Links for 04-04-2012

  • Ask not what OpenStack can do for you… « Seeing the fnords - "Over the last months I’ve seen more and more tweets and news articles using the formulation “OpenStack should”, as in “OpenStack should support Amazon APIs since it’s the de-facto standard”. I think there is a fundamental misconception there and I’d like to address it."
  • Eleven Tips for Successful Cloud Computing Adoption | Cloud Computing Journal - Nice list.
  • Wig Wam Bam. « The Loose Couple's Blog - "The deep-rooted politic, hidden agendas and the overall return have made little sense in terms of commercial opportunity and the de facto positioning of “it [feature] will be available in the next release” will not have sat well within the corridors of power. Add that to the recent “insert coin to continue” trend within OpenStack and the dreadful, garish “loophole” in the Apache License (sigh) that almost begs for “embrace and extend but do not return code” will have contributed significantly to the sounding of the death knell. How the latter plays out for Cloudstack will be interesting to observe too."
  • The Amazon-Eucalyptus partnership - "With this partnership, Eucalyptus has formally licensed the Amazon API. There’s been a lot of speculation on what this means. My understanding is the following:"
  • Freeform Community Research - "So if it’s not Generation Y, who is it that’s pushing to have their own devices connected to the corporate network? As can be seen in Figure 1, outside of the IT department itself, it’s the senior executives who are most insistent on using a personal device for work. "

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