Monday, August 22, 2011

"Just do it" works better for Nike than private clouds

From AGIMO and cloud - when aloof is good | Cloud CIO

Moving workloads to the cloud without considering the other cross dependencies such as data, integration, compliance, security, identity, continuity, workflow, licencing, business process, application support, service management, service assurance and the service catalogue, will only mean that it wont take long before something breaks and it might be very hard to fix.
Enterprise adoption of cloud is not a race, it is a journey of transformation, there is too much to be considered in the portfolio approach to a cloud transformation to see it as anything else but a long term transition that needs a program management approach.

Those are a couple of great paragraphs. While focusing on process always has the potential to go off the deep end into some ITIL swamp, the "just do it" approach doesn't cut it for private clouds either.

One of my favorite quotes in this context comes Michael Hammer who wrote: "Automating a mess yields an automated mess." At Red Hat, we've been finding that there's a huge appetite among customers for getting through the knothole from managing IT systems to managing IT as a service--a transformation which is as much about organization and process as it is about technology.

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