Monday, December 28, 2009

Links for 12-28-2009

  • Making Money by Giving Stuff Away - Community - ComputerworldUK - Problems are that 1. People are already depending on these supplementary income sources and 2. Not every activity lends itself well to this.
  • Body By Victoria - Secure Computing: Sec-C - Very detailed look at photo manipulation of a model shoot.
  • ASCII by Jason Scott / Metafuckers - My feelings on this type of thing are more complex--to write about when I have the time.
  • Vacation Robo-Post: Introducing the Cincies: What Were TV’s Most Interesting Failures? - Tuned In - - "A Cincy is different from a brilliant-but-cancelled show. It's not just a great TV show that the mass audience didn't recognize. It's also a show that, on some level, failed to live up to its creative potential, but that deserves to be honored for trying. It's a show that took a worthwhile chance and somehow didn't quite make it, maybe because of its difficult premise, maybe because of its creators' limitations, maybe because of network interference. (Another example: Swingtown, CBS's '70s wife-swapping drama, which might have worked better had it been made for pay cable.) It might be a show that has been canceled; or it might be a show that's still on the air and could theoretically still meet its potential someday. A Cincy is a show that took a chance that was worth taking."

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