Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sony and Life Blowups

In a pair of previous posts on the CNET Blog Network and here, I noted that a photograph that Sony used in its "When Timing is Everything" and the original version published in Life Magazine weren't quite the same although they were clearly from the same sequence. However, the deltas are hard to see in the shrunk online versions. (In fact, I initially thought that they were the same photograph.) Therefore, I'm posting a couple of blowups--one from the Sony ad and one from the original 1965 John Dominis photo as published in The Best of Life.

The top photo is a scan from The Best of Life.

Original photo as published in Life

The bottom is from the recent Sony ad.

Photo used in Sony ad

It's clear from these that the differences are not just the dust (which could well be written off to retouching) but also the position of the baboon's mouth. These are different photos in the sequence.


Anonymous said...

I commend you in going the extra mile in retardness by not only missing the point but by picking at the very point the ad is trying to make.

"Timing is Everything". Where one infamous photo can be lost by a fraction of a second if your camera is too slow to respond. These ads show what famous photos could have been lost if they were not taken at the exact right moment. Not only are you dense enough to miss that concept, you continue to make yourself look more and more idiotic by "proving" your point.

Anonymous said...

My comments:

- Ianna, you have relationship problems. Maybe you were regularly verbally abused as a child? Don't spread the hate, pls.
- What these photos show is that photography has greatly improved over time, and not just cameras. Dominis (who took the pix) bought the baboon and threw him to the leopard to obtain the pic... deplorable, at best.