Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Links for 04-17-2007

Sorry for slightly wacky formatting. My script that pulls things off of delicio.us won't seem to pull today's posts for some reason.

Interesting take on Blogger "zombies" by James Governor: "you really don’t want to be in a position in the five to ten year time-frame where everyone blames you for every network security breach, even if its nothing to do with you. Just ask Microsoft."

The problem with overdoing the transparency.

Interesting stats here: Japanese is the largest language in the blogosphere with 37% of posts in Japanese. Only .16% of visits to YouTube, .2% of visits to Flickr and 4.59% of visits to Wikipedia are "participation visits". (That actually seems pretty good participation rate for Wikipedia.)

Now that's Internet time: YouTube went from zero to dominant market leader in just 6 weeks

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