Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting Power Right

One wouldn't think at this point in history that getting power outlets right would be such an all-defeating challenge for hotels. Especially, brand-spanking new hotels on the Boston waterfront right next door to the almost equally new convention center. One wouldn't think.
They tried, mind you. There are a couple of sockets thoughtfully provided in the desk lamp so that the usual exercise of crawling around under the desk is avoided. So a "B," at any rate for effort. However, as I've written before, it's execution that's today's thing. The concept by itself doesn't cut it.
And, you see, someone then thought it would be smart to plug said light into a switched outlet which, in the way of such things, means that the power to the sockets is turned off along with the light when one goes to sleep for the night. Leaving no small number of analysts staying at said hotel powerless laptops in the morning. Might want to rethink that. And the clam chowder had to be heated up at their high concept restaurant too.

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