Friday, May 08, 2015

Forrester Consulting study shows widespread container adoption

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I find it pretty amazing how both interest in and adoption of containers has gone from essentially zero to 60 over just the past couple years or so. It’s not that containers didn’t exist but they were certainly a niche technology. The rise of cloud infrastructures, tools to manage and orchestrate containers, and an ecosystem that’s bringing things like container certification has changed all that. A new Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper commissioned by Red Hat (reg wall, sorry) brings this sea change home with numbers and recommendations. 

Some highlights:

  • They're being used for many different types of workloads
  • They're being used for a wide range of purposes
  • Adoption should happen strategically with a management ecosystem rather than in silos
  • Adopters should be aware of the benefits of container certification
  • Strategic container adoption is very aligned with DevOps adoption

Containers bring a lot of benefits across a lot of different areas but taking full advantage means avoiding adopting them as an isolated silo and it means taking full advantage of associated tools (such as Kubernetes and Docker) as well as things like container certifications being provided through the ecosystem.

Red Hat has lots more information about containers and our offerings such as Atomic Host on these insight pages. You can also check out an infographic based on the study from which the above image is drawn here.

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