Thursday, January 12, 2006

Slashdot Going Out of Style?

Jeremy Zawodny asks ifSlashdot is going out of style? [via Eric Boutilier] Speaking for myself, that seems a reasonable projection. I still find it somewhat useful as a pointer to interesting stories, but the actual synopses are often (typically?) incomplete and horribly slanted in one way or another. Perhaps more seriously, the comments never represented well-reasoned commentary from a broad population, but I think they did once represent a somewhat useful window into some of the most fervent Open Source vanguard. Today, with Open Source mainstream and made up of so many communities and diverse interests, the Slashdot crowd is increasingly such a small slice that I'm not sure its zeitgeist tells us anything useful.

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Anonymous said...

Gordon... I agree with you on this. I've recently found myself going to slashdot less and less and instead visiting individual blogs that post on open source (in my case the interest is more on open source software than on Linux). Sourceforge is still really good.