Monday, May 03, 2010

What the Millionth iPad Means

From Michael Gartenberg:
Apple has validated this market. As i’ve talked in the past, there’s a worldwide market for 50,000 of anything. Try to sell 500,00 that’s another story. Get to a million and you’re a success by any measure. I suspect that in the history of ‘tweener devices, if you added up all the efforts over the last decade they likely didn’t app to a million units sold. The market is real and it’s a new line of business.
I concur. Maybe there's a worldwide market for 100,000 of anything from Apple. But nonetheless, I largely agree with Michael.

The iPad costs more than I want to spend for where it is technologically. I'm looking for something lighter, cheaper, and more readable in sunlight. In other words, something that could replace my Kindle when traveling rather than be an additional device to carry.

But that's more of a comment on the state of the art of components than a knock on Apple who (the Flash mess aside) has, I think, generally done as good a job as they could have with what theey had to work with. It's also not a commentary on take on tablets being a legitimate tweener category. In fact, I'm a big believer.

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