Friday, August 17, 2012

Beyond Open Source in the Cloud

I'm wrapping up the week putting the final touches on my Beyond Open Source in the Cloud presentation for CloudOpen week after next. The next week is going to be crazy;  I need to get everything ready for VMworld and CloudOpen and then vacation in the Sierras the week after that.

As for the topic at hand, through, here's the description from the program:

Openness doesn’t stop and end with the submission of some format to a standards body or with the announcement of partners endorsing some specific technology platform. It doesn’t stop and end with open source either. An open cloud isn’t about having some singular feature. It’s about maximizing a wide range of characteristics that push the needle from closed to truly open. These include open source and open standards for sure. But they also include portability of applications and data, viable and independent communities, freedom from IP encumbrances, and APIs that are independent of specific implementations.

I've previously given a "lightning" version of this presentation at CloudCamp and some of the material is touched on during my broader cloud presentations. However, for this event, I've fleshed out my discussion of the various aspects of openness. The whole topic is very timely.

One need only look to Twitter API Apocalypse version 2,654 this past week to see just how timely. (And the fact that there's a story about APIs on CBS says something about just how important APIs--and, by extension other aspects of openness--to the modern computing world even for those who have never written a line of code in their lives. 

My paper: Why the Future of the Cloud is Open

I'm on Wednesday, August 29 right after the keynotes. Come to San Diego and join us!

I'll be Speaking at CloudOpen 2012! Join me!

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