Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Podcast: Heptio's Joe Beda talks Kubernetes

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Heptio's CTO, Joe Beda, made the first public commit to Kubernetes. In this podcast he talks about ark (an open source project for Kubernetes disaster recovery), what made Kubernetes take off, why companies are moving so quickly on cloud-native, and where Kubernetes is headed.

From Joe’s perspective, companies realize that they’re at an inflection point and they have a sense of urgency about how they need to move quicker than in the past. That’s one of the factors that have driven container adoption at a faster pace than, say, virtualization even though the latter was arguably less disruptive to existing processes and infrastructure.

The next phase will be making the most effective use of Kubernetes clusters once they’re in place. Integrating them with other systems. Delivering value to customers on top of them. 

  • ark, a utility for managing disaster recover of Kubernetes clusters from Heptio, as discussed on the podcast

Listen to podcast in MP3 [12:42]

Listen to podcast in OGG [12:42]

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