Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Podcasts from CloudNativeCon/kubecon

Frederick Branczyk on Prometheus, metrics for cloud-native [13:14] MP3

Frederick discusses Prometheus including the goals of the project, a focus on simplicity, the distinction between metrics and logging, what's new in 2.0, and what's coming.

Marc Holmes of Chef Software on automation in a containerized cloud-native world [11:07] MP3

Chef Software's Marc Holmes talks about the global shift from automating infrastructure to automating applications, establishing a foundation for chaos engineering, and shifting security left.

Ben Sigelman of LightStep on OpenTracing, monitoring, and the challenges of distributed systems [19:41] MP3

Ben Sigelman worked on Dapper and Monarch at Google. He's now the co-founder of LightStep. At CloudNativeCon in Austin, we took the opportunity to cover a wide range of issues including the key challenges of distributed systems, the sometimes confusing monitoring/logging/tracing/etc. landscape, how monoliths evolve to microservices, Conway's Law, OpenTracing, and more.

Talking Jaeger with Yuri Shkuro and Pavo Loffay [11:08] MP3

Jaeger is an OpenTracing compatible open source distributed tracing system that came out of Uber. In this podcast, I sat down with Yuri Shkuro of Uber and Pavo Loffay of Red Hat to discuss the state of Jaeger, what problems it solves, where it fits with the broader cloud-native ecosystem, the Jaeger community, and where it's headed.

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