Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Blogging update

I realize that most people these days find posts by following social media links rather than using RSS or otherwise subscribing to blogs. But, just in case, anyone has been wondering why I’ve been pretty much inactive of late on this site, here goes.

I’ve actually been writing (and podcasting, albeit in spurts) as much as ever this past year but the bulk of that writing is increasingly spread across a variety of other channels and that’s likely to continue to be the case. You should encounter the links if you follow me on twitter (@ghaff). You can also go to my Bitmasons website where you’ll find links to most of the channels I publish on. (Occasional pieces will also be on The Register this year.) I may start publishing monthly digests here. We’ll see. 

Furthermore, although this has long mostly been a professional site, I’m splitting out (hopefully expanded) food, photography, and travel content to a new Wordpress site, which will hopefully kickoff in the coming weeks. 

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