Friday, March 18, 2016

DevOps Lessons presentation at IEEE DevOps events

Earlier this week I spoke at the IEEE DevOps for Hybrid Cloud event in "Silicon Beach," CA (aka El Segundo) at the Automobile Driving Museum. (Did I mention this is outside LA?) I've given variants on this talk before but I'm continually refining it. It seems to go over well although I'm always worried that I try to cover too much ground with it. In any case, we had a great audience. It was probably one of the most interactive and engaged crowds I've had in a while."

Here's the abstract:

Manufacturing has widely adopted standardized and automated processes to create designs, build them, and maintain them through their life cycle. However, many modern manufacturing systems go beyond mechanized workflows to introduce empowered workers, flexible collaboration, and rapid iteration.

Such behaviors also characterize open source software development and are at the heart of DevOps culture, processes, and tooling. In this session, Red Hat’s Gordon Haff will discuss the lessons and processes that DevOps can apply from manufacturing using:

  • Container-based platforms designed for modern application development and deployment.
  • The ability to design microservices-based applications using modular and reusable parts.
  • Iterative development, testing, and deployment using platform-as-a-service and integrated continuous delivery systems.

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