Saturday, October 27, 2012

Head of the Charles 2012

Head of the Charles 2012 by ghaff
Head of the Charles 2012, a photo by ghaff on Flickr.

The Head of the Charles last weekend was my first really heavy-duty use of the Sigma 150-500mm lens that replaced my old Sigma tele after its AF broke. When I sent that lens in for repair, I was offered a trade-in at a pretty good rate that it seemed silly to not take advantage of, even though it's a category of lens I don't use a huge amount.

I find the focus on the new lens is a lot more responsive than the old one (as well as having a top end of 500mm rather than 400mm). However, removing the lens limits also exposes the AF limitations of my EOS 5D a lot more. So it's got me leaning towards an upgrade to a 5D Mark iii rather than the not-yet-available 6D as I had been leaning towards previously.

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