Friday, May 25, 2012

Links for 05-25-2012

  • Doc Searls Weblog · After Facebook fails - "But totally personalized advertising is icky and oxymoronic. And, after half a decade or more at the business of making maximally-personalized ads, the main result is what Michael calls “the desultory ticky-tacky kind that litters the right side of people’s Facebook profiles.”"
  • Kodak was never going to be the Kodak of digital photography | Challengers - CNET News - "It's also not as if some other company has emerged as the Kodak of digital. In the company's golden age, consumers used a Kodak camera to take pictures on Kodak film, which they then had processed by a Kodak lab on Kodak paper. Today, no single company has replicated that ecosystem in digital form. There are camera manufacturers, and memory-card manufacturers, and printer companies, and photo-sharing sites--and all of these businesses benefit from healthy competition among multiple major players, rather than the monopolistic position that Kodak once enjoyed."
  • Facebook IPO Post Mortem – Killer – but not for the reasons you think ! « blog maverick - Cuban hits some key points. It's even harder to monetize with ads in mobile and he (I believe correctly) notes that we're moving away from all-you-can-eat mobile data which will make the situation even worse.
  • Stealing the Shows - TIME - RT @poniewozik: Fox suing over Auto Hop ad-skipper. I have a (pre-suit) column on it this week: my life as a TV thief.
  • Secret memo reveals which telecoms store your data the longest | Ars Technica - Not sure I buy that only Verizon retains text message contents. The others must store it somewhere for some length of time in order to transmit it, e.g. to phones that aren't currently on.
  • The Facebook Fallacy - Technology Review - Some good discussion in comments here about limitations of gaining insights from even large qtys of data.
  • Java creator unhappy with Oracle trial outcome | ITworld - Seems to sum things up pretty well (though I'd leave out the word 'sadly'). -- "Based on testimony in the trial, and remarks from Gosling and others, it's clear that whether they meant to or not, Google very much irked people at Sun Microsystems when Google decided to bypass Java and go with a clean-room implementation of Java in the form of the Dalvik VM in Android. And "irked" is probably an understatement. But sadly, you can't really sue people for being jerks. And there's also the argument that Sun may have forced Google's hand by dual-licensing Java under the GPL and a proprietary license for commercial use. That was certainly Sun's prerogative, of course, but it doesn't completely jibe with their much-touted "Java is free" mantra."
  • Create Custom Skins for Laptops & Netbooks | GelaSkins - This is very cool. You can create laptop skins with your own photos.
  • Update: Mike Lynch leaves HP Autonomy - - RT @maslett: "the entire management team and 20 percent of all Autonomy's staff have left since the HP takeover"
  • Opposing the New York Public Library - The Daily Beast - RT @thedailybeast: A battle for New York Public Library's (@NYPL) soul prompts the question: Who's reading the books?

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