Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Podcast: Red Hat's Kim Palko talks messaging and AMQP

Messaging used to be the province of expensive, proprietary software but--as in many other areas of the software universe--that's changed with open source. And the AMQP protocol provides a particularly good example of the open source development model in which innovation comes from customers as well as vendors. I sat down with Kim Palko, Red Hat's Senior Product Manager for messaging, to talk about the latest happenings with AMQP.
Topics we cover in this podcast include:
  • How customers use messaging products
  • What AMQP is and why it's generating so much buzz
  • Red Hat's MRG-Messaging implementation of AMQP
  • How Red Hat's OpenShift PaaS uses MRG-M
  • The new JCA resource adapter
Listen to MP3 (13:49)
Listen to OGG (13:49)

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