Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quick Review: La Cave, Wynn Las Vegas

I was looking for a light but nice bite to tide me over to dinner after suffering through a 45 minute check-in line at the Wynn. Self-service kiosks--even if just as a backup. Join the 21st century people. I know you want to give the personal touch and all that but, if the personal touch involves handing water bottles to people who have been standing in line for a half hour, you'd be better off trying something else.

But I digress.

Anyway, La Cave piqued my interest. The advertising copy describes it justly: "With its low-slung ceilings and cozy nooks, La Cave is the ideal retreat for indulging in Chef Bill DeMarco’s savory small plates, oven-fired flatbreads, charcuterie and modern specialties that are perfect for sharing and pairing with wine.  In addition to the innovative wine program,  La Cave features an extensive selection of hand crafted beers and fine spirits, making this the ultimate spot for lunch, dinner or late night revelry."

Bacon-wrapped Dates

Which sounds about right. Although the space towards the back--that opened up into a garden area (though at 110 degrees, no one seemed much interested in outdoor seating)--was actually pretty light and airy.

I ordered a mixed sausage flatbread pizza (and a Doghead IPA). Seemed about right for a light lunch. The surprise came when, after a frankly not very long delay, the manager came in to apologize for the wait and present me with their bacon-wrapped dates with a blue cheese fondue sauce (pictured).

The flatbread when it (soon) arrived was good enough with just the right amount of heat. Though, in truth, it wasn't all that different or better than other good flatbread pizzas I've had. The dates were extremely flavorful however. A nice blend of textures and flavors with the bacon perfectly cooked. I may have to try to recreate that one.

Strongly recommended with the service a big plus.

I would point to the restaurant website but it's embedded in one of those horrible Flash things that Las Vegas casinos are even more inexplicably attached to than restaurants and hotels as a whole are.

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