Saturday, August 20, 2011

Links for 08-20-2011

  • I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Losing the HP Way - Cringely on technology - "Software is a big part of IBM’s profits and it is growing rapidly.  IBM and Oracle have been on buying sprees, picking up one software firm after another.  HP has not.  Software is only three percent of HP’s business.  Are there any good buys out there for HP?  Again it could be a matter of timing.  HP is late getting started.  The best deals may already be gone."
  • Unedited Thoughts About Technology Better Left Unposted - "A lot of other companies
    I really fucking hate the way you cede so much ground to Apple. You just let them do the shit they do. Why couldn't you launch a decent tablet before the iPad? Why are your tablets still shittier than the iPad, for the most part? Why do your laptops still, by and large, look and feel crappier than MacBook Pros? (Exception: ThinkPads.) Why are most of your phones the same fucking way? Does Apple have some secret monopoly on making well designed, well constructed, easy-to-use gadgets? I want to love your products. I really really really do. Just make amazing shit. That's the only rule. Make. Amazing. Shit."
  • Amy Wohl's Opinions on Cloud Computing and SaaS: What is HP Thinking? - "HP has been trying for some time to move into the arena of enterprise software and services, but they have yet to be a big enough player to gain critical mass and buying another niche software vendor  is unlikely to give them the traction they're looking for. "
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X Reviewed: Not Ready for Professionals on – Online Video Strategies, Platforms, News, and Tips
  • Taking The 'Lug' Out Of Luggage - Forbes
  • Canned Platypus » Blog Archive » Don’t Be a Jerk - "We need to stop enabling the jerks by applauding when they act in deliberately offensive ways on HN, on Twitter, in conference presentations, etc. We need to stop pretending that the combative style prevalent on HN or LKML is the best way to facilitate progress; there’s no empirical evidence that “culling the herd” or “honing one’s weapons” or other such bloody metaphors really apply. We need to stop encouraging young techies to expend their energy emulating those styles instead of developing real people skills. Social skills really do serve a useful purpose, and anyone can improve them."

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