Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Links for 04-12-2011

  • Data Center Dialog: Right place, right time, right cloud partners - "One of the things that has been frustrating about the cloud market to date is the ad hoc, shoot-from-the-hip approach. It’s great for testing the waters and there is, indeed, an important role for “good enough” computing, but as enterprises get more serious about cloud, they need to make sure they are thinking about something near and dear to my heart: management."
  • The Joy of Not Cooking - Magazine - The Atlantic - "So we have something of a mystery. Just when our labor in the kitchen has fallen, we have seen the rise of the gourmet kitchen: the high-end retailers like Williams-Sonoma … the Sub-Zero refrigerators … the $10,000 Viking stoves … the $250 Breville toaster ovens … the Japanese knives with their own display stands. Why are we spending so much money on a place where we spend so little time?"
  • Groundhogs! - "Having groundhog trouble is like living in the Bill Murray movie of the same name. You go to bed and wake up to the same exact thing every morning—in this case, a giant furry butt on legs eating your landscape to the ground. But this picture is NOT a comedy. Although weather-guessing Punxsutawney Phil has made this giant squirrel—yes, that’s what they are—seem cute and cuddly, they are actually a serious menace that people often underestimate until it’s too late."
  • ProductCamp Boston’s Presentations on SlideShare - ProductCamp Boston 2011.
  • Game Over In The CPU Wars? - Chuck's Blog - "For me, it's the final sign that -- yes -- the era of Big Unix on proprietary RISC processors is finally coming to a close."

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