Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine, essentially an AWS competitor, is out of beta.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be available on GCE--as it is on AWS and other clouds. This post by Red Hat's Jim Totton has the details on this collaboration.

Through this collaboration, we deliver:

  • Extended Choice: As a member of the Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider program, Google Compute Engine is a trusted and supported destination for developers, application owners, and administrators looking to benefit from the value of Red Hat. Additionally, as part of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud ecosystem, Google Compute Engine provides the added choice of an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform for customers looking to extend their environment in conjunction with a service provider.
  • Consistency: Red Hat Enterprise Linux instances on Google Compute Engine deliver the same features (e.g., performance and security), and lifecycle (release and update cycles) as on-premise environments. If an application needs the latest development and run-time packages provided by Red Hat Software Collections, or security provided by SELinux, Google Compute Engine provides the consistent features and capabilities for robust application deployments. 
  • Certification and Support: A core value of Red Hat offerings is the assurance of support and certification for the platforms on which they are deployed. This promise spans from hardware platforms to virtual and cloud environments, providing customers with support at all levels of the stack and across all deployment models. Red Hat and Google have worked together to ensure that the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) platform that Google Compute Engine is built upon, is powerful, capable, and supported when running application workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the guest operating system.

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