Friday, August 11, 2006

Own Your Own Pacific Atoll

Dominic_Chama_cloud_1962-6x4.jpgIt looks like a charming place, And, as the U.S. GSA Office of Property disposal notes, it could even be used for ecotourism! Well, yes, there is the little matter that "it was used by the Defense Department for storage of chemical munitions and as a missile test site in the 1950's and 60's." But I'm sure it's been thoroughly cleaned up. What's more, although the GSA inexplicably forgot to tout this selling point, it also turns out that Johnson Atoll has a historic past, having been the site of thermonuclear testing including "Tightrope"--a Nike Hercules missile with a W-31 warhead missile defense system test, regarded as the last true US atmospheric nuclear test--conducted 2 miles from the atoll on November 4, 1962. Pretty sand beaches and a piece of history--how could one lose building an ecotourism lodge on a place like that?

via Howl @ the Moon and Missing Links

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