Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Getting from here to there: conventional and cloud-native

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Before the holiday break, I wrote a series of posts over at the Red Hat Stack blog in which I added my thoughts about cloud native architectures, bridging those architectures with conventional applications, and some of the ways to think about transitioning between different architectural styles. My jumping off point was an IDC Analyst Connection in which Mary Johnson Turner and Gary Chen answered five questions about "Bridging the Gap Between Cloud-Native and Conventional Enterprise Applications." Below are those questions and the links to my posts:

Cloud-native application architectures promise improved business agility and the ability to innovate more rapidly than ever before. However, many existing conventional applications will provide important business value for many years. Does an organization have to commit 100% to one architecture versus another to realize true business benefits?


What are the typical challenges that organizations need to address as part of this evolution [to IT that at least includes a strong cloud-native component]?


How will IT management skills, tools, and processes need to change [with the introduction of cloud-native architectures]?


What about existing conventional applications and infrastructure? Is it worth the time and effort to continue to modernize and upgrade conventional systems?


What types of technologies are available to facilitate the integration of multiple generations of infrastructure and applications as hybrid cloud-native and conventional architectures evolve?


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