Sunday, March 02, 2008

Links fro 03-03-2008

  • What's in a Font? - Virginia Postrel interviews the director of Helvetica. (Watch it BYW even if you're not a type geek. If you get Netflix, it's on Watch Instantly.

  • - The museum in the IBM building in NY has closed but their collection is still online. Some nice 18th and 19th century European realist art.

  • Lofty Ambitions - "Today’s lofts are mere reproductions of the originals—and nothing offends architecture critics more than inauthenticity."

  • The Next Slum? - Interesting article although I think its conclusions are overbroad in both intensity and geographic location.

  • NYTE - I ran across this at MoMA earlier in the week. Some very cool visualizations.

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